Friday, January 8, 2016

300 days of beauty

The snow is gently falling outside my window, adding inches of fluffy powder on top of inches of hard-packed snow and ice that will most likely not melt for months. In spite of the likelihood of biting it later when I go outside, it is quite beautiful. 

I'm kicking it old-school today. Cleaning my room while listening to FM radio. The station is playing "classic hits" which make me feel happy and nostalgic and old all at the same time. 

(Funny story: In Tennessee this fall, we were settling in to our townhouse. D and Cece came out of their rooms excitedly talking about their clocks that "you can turn the dial and find all sorts of music that will just play!" Yes, it was just a clock radio. And yes, we do listen to the radio in the car, but even that scans, no dial. In their techie world of CDs, mp3s, and Amazon Prime, this was new and exciting. They enjoyed synchronizing their stations. I was amused and also marveled at how they make me feel old by not even trying. It's just going to get worse...) 


This week was challenging. At times, my eyes that see beauty at every turn can also be so blurred by tears, that the world seems a tragic and hopeless place. Life seems more like a ticking time-bomb than brimming with unlimited joy and possibility. I start to focus horizontally on everything around me, scroll through facebook feeds, click on one too many news stories, and I'm floundering.

So I'm aiming vertical. Looking up to my Lord who sees all. My God who sees every tear I've cried and is near. I want to keep engaging with Him, keep talking, let him be the confidante that I hold most dear.

I feel very strongly that beauty can be found in each day. For me I'm striving to post 300 days of beauty. Pictures I've snapped that are beauty in my life.

Why 300? I'm realistic. I never do all that I want to do and that gives me 66 days (Leap Year!) of flexibility.

Day 1: We often went this park on the river in Knoxville. It is a special place for all of us and I took many many pictures. I love this picture. D could spend hours catching falling leaves from the monstrous Tennessee trees. It was a delightful game for him and I loved to watch him. He may be nearing 13, but simple pleasures still delight.

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